Make your customers
feel at home anywhere they go

If you're running a rental service and want to make sure your customers get the best of the local sights, then you need to get Guidio. Distinguish your business from your competition and deliver the best possible experience to your clients.

Get to know Guidio

Here's why your customers will love Guidio

With all the best places and routes in their pockets, your customers can travel around the island and never miss anything important. What's more, all of the routes that lead to all kinds of amazing places can be customized and accessed without any connection. This gives travelers more freedom and flexibility to move around. That makes your business more popular.

Provide your clients with perfected travel experience

Branded Maps

We might have developed Guidio, but it's your logo that travelers will see in the APP.

Dozens of routes

Customizable routes in every corner of the island. If you find a new interesting place for travelers, you just add it to the map.

Even without a guide

A bird's-eye view of all travels. Let your customers get anywhere even without a guide.

Offline Map

All of the interesting places on the palm of a hand. Your customers can roam freely even without a connection.

Once you get Guidio, it's fully in your hands

You will get an entrance to the back door of Guidio which makes it super easy to customize points of interests, routes and connect them with places or differentiate which routes are ideal for various types of vehicles. You can do anything that maximizes your customer's experience and boosts your business.

Here's why your business will love Guidio

Our APP will be an extended arm of your business. If you partner with us, here's what you get.

Business boost

  • Get an out-of-the-box solution with minimal investments
  • Differentiate your business
  • Widen your service portfolio and create a better customer experience
  • Minimize the risk of your clients getting lost or damaging your vehicles

Customer experience boost

  • Manage all the POIs and create your own routes that fit your services
  • Make it easy for your clients to travel without a guide (but with your vehicles)
  • Get a special offer of the APP only for your clients
  • Showcase your brand in Guidio wherever your customers go

App showcase

Places to see

  • Option to add local stores & shops to the map for partnerships
  • List of points of interests
  • Descriptions of POIs, photo gallery, suggestions on similar routes and places to see


  • A flexible rotating map that is intuitive from the get-go
  • Information on speed, distance traveled, and time
  • Option to share the route of the adventure with friends on social media


  • Basic contact information
  • Option for a quick call in case of emergency


Basic version


  • Fully branded iOS/Android APP
  • Full access to APP management
  • 3 months of customer support
  • -

Version with In-APP Purchases


  • Fully branded iOS/Android APP
  • Full access to APP management
  • 3 months of customer support
  • In-APP purchases


on request

  • Looking for something special that will fit exactly your needs? Contact us and we will come up with a solution tailored to your requirements.

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